First sculpture: “Model PETRACOS”.

It is created and supports itself using inflatables and automations utilising, as far as possible, recycled waste material.

Three platforms superimposed one above the other. Nine rooms on each floor made of white plastic are connected through small fans that expel air in various directions, producing a constant movement of air between the different cells. A materialisation of being and not being, of being at bursting point one moment to then immediately giving up all your air to inflate the adjacent rooms. This reproduces the vital relationship between individuality and communal, the individual within the collective with its stresses and strains and the need for flexibility in a relationship. Similarly, the support structure for the three platforms and the twenty seven relatively separate rooms is light and flexible, which allows for the elasticity and the accompanying movement.

"HÁBITOS DE HABITAR" Galería Aural _____________________________________

Following the presentation of the “ PETRACOS model” at the Gil-Albert Institute of Culture of Alicante was the exposition: “Hábitos de habitar” in the Aural Gallery, also based in Alicante.